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22, 23 and 24 june 2018.

Communal feast hall, Koning Albertlaan 33, 1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem / Brussels.

MATINEE 15:00h or SOIREE 20:00h

Performances on the

Friday 22nd of june. El Balcon de Los Artistas, Medellin, Colombia.
This company originates in Medellín, a big city in the north-west of Bogota, in the Andes Mountains, and is often praised for its talent in Salsa.
Salsa (Spanish for «sauce») refers to a dance as well as a musical genre with Cuban roots is popular all over the world as one of the Latin-American music genres.
Colombian Salsa was founded in Cali, the world’s capital of Salsa.
Many Colombian Salsa groups won several dance championships, among which this Medellín group
that recruits its artists among street youngsters in difficult circumstances.
Their musicians, singers and dancers display an exceptional talent and perform with superhuman energy.
This ensemble was three times champion of Latin-American Salsa and triumphed in a tour across the US.

Saturday 23rd of june. Compaňia de Arte ‘Sentido Sur’, Uruguay.
Dancer, teacher and choreographer Eduardo Paz Figuerón founded this company in 2013.
He brought professional folk dancers of the Rio Plata area together in an artistic group.
Today it counts 18 professional dancers and 8 musicians, all of them renowned in Uruguay because of their talent.
The main objective is to show the Uruguayan identity through the various aspects of folk dance, music, instruments and costumes
that are part of their cultural heritage and to invite the spectators to discover and appreciate the indigenous identities.
‘Sentido Sur’ distinguishes itself by a large number of choreographies and a broad repertoire of Tango, Malambo etc. up to Candombé.
This is why this group disposes of a large number of experienced dancers to perform the various rhythms professionally.

Sunday 24th of june. National ballet Sayani, Republic of Tuva.
Tuva is in the heart of Central Asia, where the Yenisei-river springs, and harbours an old nomad population that strives to preserve its own language, culture and traditions.
The surface of the Tuva republic is larger than Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark and Switzerland combined!
Nature blessed this country with remarkable beauty and comprises an exceptional climatologic diversity: from tundra to desert!
The autonomous republic of Tuva has a culture that is both striking and unusual. The Sayani National ballet was founded in 1969.
Their show is based on the myths and legends of the Asian people in this area and the group became the worthy representative of
the national heritage that collected the pearls of the Tuvan folklore.


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ABONNEMENT:   RANG 1. € 60,00 /  RANG 2. € 40,00

TICKETS:   RANG 1. € 30,00 /  RANG 2. € 20,00

Reservations will be confirmed by money transfer into the account
IBAN: BE61 9799 7377 4517   BIC: ARSPBE22
of West-In, 1082 Brussels.

Seats will be allocated in the order of money received.


School Performances: 25 june 2018, at 10:30h & 13:30h !
The Komenka Ethnic Dance and Music Ensemble,
New Orleans - Louisiana
shows the history and traditions of he southeast of the United States from the 18th century up to the recent fifties.
The Komenka ensemble is overenthusiastic in bringing you a sparkling choreographic spectacle.
You will discover dances from the Appalachia Mountains, a faithful representation of rural dances from this area.
Let the ‘bluegrass’ rhythm grab you and enjoy a.o. tap-dancing.
Louisiana makes one think of New Orleans Jazz.
We will also see the Cajun style with many traditional elements of the Acadian culture (French origin) and of-course the Cowboy Can-Can, inspired by
the French cancan that originated in the ‘Saloons’ of Louisiana and Texas.
We will see the cowboys dance their crazy polka’s with the barmaids and finally enjoy the “Mardi Gras” of the world famous Louisiana Carnival.


Christmas & Yuletide concert 2018 ?

Tikets: € ... Numbered seats will be allocated in the order of money transfer into the bank account IBAN: BE61 9799 7377 4517  BIC: ARSPBE22 of West-In, 1082 Brussels.


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